Google Photos is set to end its unlimited free storage policy for photos and videos onĀ  1st Tuesday, June 2021.

The move follows a communication made in November last year to forster growth in google storage plan subscription by it’s users.

The platform currently allows unlimited free storage for photos at High Quality (HD) resolution, which will no longer be the case starting next month.

The move implies that any material uploaded on google for storage will now be counted as part of your free 15 GB storage that comes with all Google Accounts. In an event you have exhausted your 15 GB free storage across Gmail, Drive and Photos you will be required to purchase additional storage policy for you continue uploading photos at HD.

However, the new plan will not in any way affect previously uploaded content will not count towards your 15GB free storage. It will be considered free and exempt from the storage limit set by Google.

Google users with a junk of date to store should who take advantage of the service’s unlimited storage before the deadline.




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