Liverpool center back Virgil Van Dijk is set to sign a new deal that will see him become one of the highest paid player in Liverpool’s history.

Djik is set to sign a £ 220,000 a week a deal that will place him on top charts at Anfield history.

The Dutchman became the most expensive defender in the world in 2018 when he signed from Southampton for £75Having helped his club with the UEFA Champions League last season, Dijk has established himself as one of the best center backs in the current football. This has seen him get nominated to Balloon d’or loosing to Lionel Messi .

Dijk set for a 5 year deal at Anfield. With the Premier League set for ressumption next weekend, Dijk is set to add on his accolades by winning the PL title.

The financial situation forced the Reds to call off ambitions to sign Timo Werner from RB Leizipig.

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