A prominent sports federation in the country was forced to shut down its WhatsApp Media Alerts group after it turned out to be a battle field.

Waring factions in the federation, one allied to the current chairman and the other to the former, took each other head on the sole issue of contention seemingly the elections of the national executive committee; with the federation’s CEO choosing to close the group.

“The last few days have been tempting for the sports journalism profession, especially in regard to the federations elections.

Consequently, following extensive consultations across different levels and in an effort aimed at maintaining sanity, the federation has made the painful decision to close this group effective 10PM tonight and re-open it on April 1, 2020, with the sole objective of providing timely updates as had been envisaged,” the federation’s CEO said in the group.

The group had reached it break point, the federation’s communications officer taking to Twitter in what looked like a hit back exposé of a specific newspaper sports editor who openly pledged his allegiance to the former chairman, leading to an avalanche of battles.

“So low we’ve stooped. When sanity is restored, I’ll be glad to be part of this,” one sports editor said as he exited the group prior to the CEO’s decision.

It remains to be seen if the 200+ member group will be reopened on Fools Day as promised and if by any chance the waring factions could have resolved their differences in an amicable manner, which is seemingly an ego too large to massage.

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