Sports Dispute Tribunal chairman John Ohaga has today, Tuesday asked world football governing body FIFA to appoint a normalization committee to run Football Kenya Federation FKF activities and ensure elections are held according to the law.

Delivering the ruling via video stream due to the Corona virus pandemic, Mr. Ohaga also nullified the recently elected branch officials.

The Tribunal comprising the chair John Ohaga, Njeri Onyango and Mary Kimani dropped the hammer today in a bit to end the football comedy at the FKF confines.

In the tribunals ruling that reads in part, “A declaration be and is hereby issued that the decisions by the Sports Registrar in her letters to FKF dated 25th October 2019 and 15th November 2019 directing FKF to register county sports associations and to call off elections are without lawful basis.”

In the law suit, FKF wanted to be allowed to run its election under its constitution claiming it was sufficient to deliver credible exercise.

The body found hidden loops in FKF’s Electoral Code 2020, which locked out many aspirants resulting to many FKF incumbents shinning unopposed in elections which the Tribunal nullified.

The Tribunal also declared that the term of NEC was overdue.

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