Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has vowed that Manchester United will not repeat the “lowest point” of his Old Trafford managerial reign when the Reds visit Everton on Sunday in the Premier League.

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Photo/Courtesy

Last April, United were beaten 4-0 at Goodison Park and the display prompted the boss to apologise to the travelling supporters afterwards. Solskjaer is confident that dark day is a thing of the past and he promises his new-look United side will be up for the fight on Merseyside.

The memory is a bitter one for the manager but also something of a turning point in his United rebuild.

“That was the lowest I have been,“ he conceded. ”We know that, we remember that it was just a capitulation.

Manchester United against Everton tie. Photo/Courtesy

“We had absolutely nothing about us, even though all the goals were counter-attacks from set-plays, long balls from throw-ins. But everything you didn’t want to see, we saw in that game. 

“Everton, at home, they are hard to play against with the two up front. With the strikers, they put balls into the box, we knew what we were up against so I’m 100 per cent sure we will put a better performance up.

Manchester united creative midfilder Bruno Fernandes celebtates after scoring against Watford. Photo/Courtesy.

“I can, with hand on heart, 100 per cent say these boys will never give in, and never give up like that team did. These are the boys we want to build the next team around.”

The heavy defeat at Goodison confirmed Solskjaer’s thoughts that he had to reconstruct the Reds.

“That was the day, well the lowest, but I knew probably before then,“ he added. ”But that was when one or two had their last chance more or less. But we had to get to the summer first.

Manchester united creative midfilder Bruno Fernandes and Forward Antonio Martial celebtates after scoring against Watford. Photo/Courtesy.

“We knew when we made the decisions we did in the summer that it would take time. As I’ve said a few times, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But the culture, the attitude, the fitness, the camaraderie, the spirit and maybe even the understanding between players have improved.

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