Bidco United head coach Anthony Akhulia believes his side was on course to record an important way win at Bandari were it not for the referee’s intervention.

According to Akhulia, they were well in charge of the game and destined for victory at Mbaraki after breaking the deadlock just after the break but little did they know everything would change from then.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what I have seen in Bandari today is despicable. A good match changed immediately we scored our goal, the referees changed. Everything changed for the worse, our crime was scoring,” Akhulia ranted in a post on Facebook.

He adds:

“It was horror. It is something I wouldn’t wish for any team, any coach or any player to go through. It is sad. That’s not football, that is not officiating. It’s something else.


Akhulia, a former Bidco United midfielder, narrated the decisions that were taken by the officials that he believes were to their detriment and to the benefit of the hosts.

“Forcing a team that is leading to surrender its lead by awarding a dubious penalty, four cards, allowing opponents to make four substitutions in four intervals instead of the normal three intervals, denying my injured player a chance to come back on the pitch after being treated and forcing us to play almost 10 minutes less, an offside second goal, just shows how incompetent and fixed the referees were,” Akhulia lamented.

The tactician believes that such officiating should not be happening in football and consequently raising match fixing allegations in the Kenyan game.

“Mr. Hosea Omondi and your team, it is okay you have robbed us. You have given Bandari a 2-1 win. If it is betting, you have won the bet. I hope you sleep peacefully with that guilt. It is okay you were the boss and you made the final decisions but know God is great. It pains,” he concluded.

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