Despite taking place more than 20 years ago, it remains to be the most bizarre moment in the history of football, a red card just two seconds into an English league game.

On the afternoon of 31st October 2000 in Somerset, South West England a match pitting Cross Farm Park Celtic against local rivals Taunton East Reach Wanderers Lee Todd was sent off just after the kick off whistle.

Image: South West News Service
Lee Todd who was 22 then was sent off just two seconds into the game. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Cross Farm Park Celtic striker who was 22 then rubbed referee Peter Kearle the wrong way by using foul language to say the whistle was annoying.

“And as he walked past me, he blew the whistle for kick-off but blew it right in my ear. I bent down, muttered “fuck me ref, that was loud!” Todd said in an interview with SPORTbible.


The no-nonsense referee brandished the fastest red card in the records, much to the disbelief of the young striker.

“The next thing I knew, I had a red card in my face,” he recounts.

His teammates were in laughter as Todd walked off but reality hit them just a few seconds later.

“They thought it was a joke too but it soon hit us when we realized we were down to ten men,” Todd says.

The striker was fined £27 and banned for 35 days.

Image: PA
An undated photo of a referee issuing a red card. PHOTO/COURTESY

Lee now 42 says he let the referee know he nearly burst his eardrum though the record is yet to be properly recognized in The Guinness Book of Records despite receiving wide coverage.

Cross Farm Park Celtic went on to win the game 11-2 but the former striker maintains ‘referees are supposed to use some bit of common sense’.

“People keep asking if the record will ever be beaten. I don’t know how someone would beat it to be honest.”

Image: Google
Lee now 42 says he let the referee know he nearly burst his eardrum. PHOTO/COURTESY

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