Liverpool right back defender Trent Alexender Arnold said he would choose to play with his England teammate Jordan Henderson over Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The England star revealed this during a Twitter session of interaction with his followers and fans through the hashtag #AskTrent. A fan by the name Jesssn1 wanted to know whom the Liverpool darling will choose between the Barcelona front man Lionel Messi and the former Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Trent engaged his followers on Twitter as a thank you note for hitting one million Twitter followers. During the session, fans had a chance to ask anything they wished to know about Trent. The questions revolved around his football career as well as out of pitch moments.

On his Idol Footballer while growing up, Trent picked Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry together with Real Madrid manger Zinadine Zidane.

On the pitch, the 21year old said he is not sure if he would hold on to his 66 shirt number during his entire profession. He further stated that playing with James Miller and Virgil Dijk was his preference.
Of the pitch, the Liverpool lad stated he love dogs and listening to Drake music. “Life is good”

Having joined Liverpool in 2004, he got a chance to Captain Liverpool youth sides before making it to the senior squad. Trent is known for his edge cutting crosses on the flanks that give opponents tough times. The ability to bring in masterpiece crosses has seen him earn 10 assists this season.

Of the best moments, Trent prides himself with an excellent assist to Divock Origi during the 2018/2019 champions League quarter final game against Barcelona. During the match, Trent took a fast corner that caught Barcelona backline unaware leaving a tap in space for Origi .

Here are some of the engagements on #AskTrent

Trent Alexander-Arnold@trentaa98·2hThe Dark Knight #AskTrentQuote Tweet

Mrs. Scouser ™₰@T4kenQuickly · 2hReplying to @trentaa98your favourite movie? #asktrent

Trent Alexander-Arnold@trentaa98·2h100 duck sized @VirgilvDijk#AskTrentQuote Tweet

Josh@KloppStyle · 2hReplying to @trentaa98Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Van Dijk’s, or 1 Van Dijk sized duck? #AskTrent

Trent Alexander-Arnold@trentaa98·2hDrake – Life is good. #AskTrentQuote Tweet

Bubbles@bubbIxs · 2hReplying to @trentaa98#AskTrent what’s your song of the moment?

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