Former Attorney General Amos Wako has lashed out at the government of the United States of America after Donald Trump’s administration announced that the Busia County senator was banned from stepping foot on American soil.

Banned with Wako is his wife Flora Ngaira and son Julius Wako for what the American government terms as the ex-AG’s involvement in several mega corruption scandals, which he strongly refutes.

“Hii ni kitu kidogo sana. It will not affect my work as a senator or as a commissioner. I hope I will get headlines tomorrow, with my picture of smiling attorney general emeritus,” he said in his media address at the Parliament’s Media Centre.

The longest serving AG has maintained that he has no desire to travel to the United States, saying the ban has existed since 2009 and that it has only been resuscitated for malicious gains.

Wako however maintains that the extension of the ban to his family is uncalled for challenging the White House administration to prove his involvement in corruption.

“If I committed a crime, which I emphatically deny, I should be punished alone. My son is an adult who is successful in his own right,” he offered.

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