Tanzanian has rubbished tests done on their truck drivers by Kenyan authorities terming them unreliable.

The administration in Dar es Salaam claims it does not trust the tests done without the supervision of their doctors.

The country has since instructed all its truck drivers to have their covid-19 tests done in their country before embarking on their journeys so as to use the results for clearance at the borders.

“And if that cannot be possible, the owners of goods being transported to Kenya should come for them at the border as our drivers will have no other option but to leave them in Namanga,” Longido District Commissioner Frank Mwaisumbe said during his visit to the Namanga immigration offices.

On Thursday, eight truck drivers from Tanzania who tested positive for coronavirus at the Namanga border point were left stranded after they were denied entry into Kenya after they tested positive.

Locals at the Namanga border accuse Tanzanian drivers of laxity, roaming around before their test results are put and therefore fear to contract the disease.

The Ministry of Health has however quelled the fears by clarifying that Kenya was testing Tanzanian truck drivers before they entered the country.

Kenya has 781 confirmed cases of covid-19, 284 recoveries and 45 fatalities while the figures in Tanzania remain subject to speculation and guesswork.

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