ODM leader Raila Odinga has warned key elements in government against taking advantage of the handshake to advance their malicious agenda.

In a review of the just concluded by elections (Juja and Bonchari parliamentary seats), the former Prime Minister warned that he will not sit back and watch.

“The peaceful co-existence post-2018 must not be taken for granted by some rogue elements wanting to confuse the handshake for an excuse to erode our hard-earned liberties! This must stop!” the ODM leader warned.

Raila was particularly perturbed by the conduct of law enhancement officers in Bonchari, where some of his party agents accused Security forces of harassment, frustrating and orchestrating election irregularities.

“An election process is an opportunity for the voters to express their will at the ballot and not an avenue to pursue imaginary and short-legged political interests. Security forces exist to serve the people and not the interests of those out to conduct political experiments,” said the 76-year-old.

ODM however clinched the Bonchari parliamentary seat after their candidate Pavel Oimeke garnered 9,049 votes ahead of Jubilee’s Zebedeo Opore (7,279 votes) and UDA’s Teresa Bitutu, the widow of former MP Oroo Oyioka (6,964 votes).

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