The battles between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Internal Security PS Karanja Kibicho seem far from over, after the former took to social media on Tuesday to lash out at the latter and a number of other government officials.

The current spat seems to have emanated from government’s move to stop some of the measures taken by the Sonko Rescue Team in the fight against covid-19, with Sonko wishing Kibicho the worst.

“May those who have suspended our daily fumigation of Nairobi estates and slums, distribution of food, free masks and sanitizers rot in hell and burn in hell-fire including the including the Ps Karanja Kibicho and Rc Nairobi Wilson Njega who have behaved like the brood of vipers which were condemned to hell in the book of Mathew 23:33,” Sonko posted on his Facebook Page.

According to the governor the officials have done all but damage to his dedicated fight against the novel virus, vandalising some of his projects.

“May the Lord punish all the senior Gvt officers at the OP who gave instructions for the Kibra, Kencom and Buruburu sanitization booths erected by SRT to be vandalised by the police,” wished Sonko.

“Lord God you always hear our prayers in time of need. Lord of heaven you have never disappointed me. Lord hear the prayer of your servant. Lord your word says service to humanity is service to you God. God protect your great people of Nairobi and Kenyans in general against the deadly corona pandemic,” he added.

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