Rarieda Member of Parliament Paul Otiende Amollo has dismissed claims that he was axed from the Justice Legal and Affairs Committee (JLAC) after sending an offensive text message to ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the lawmaker rubbished the allegations by ODM Chairman John Mbadi noting that he communicates with his party boss through text messages, severally.

“There were many SMSs. In fact, the last SMS we shared with my party leader we agreed to meet. We are yet to meet because my party leader is still recuperating. So all this speculation that ‘I was texted, that I was called for a meeting and refused is all nonsense,” said Amollo.

MP Otiende Amollo denies sending Raila Odinga offensive text message
Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo on Citizen TV’s Day Break show where he rubbished allegations of sending ODM leader Raila Odinga an offensive text message. PHOTO/CITIZEN DIGITAL

Mbadi who is also the Member of Parliament for Suba South, was on Wednesday quoted saying the lawmaker has sent Odinga a text message threatening to tender his resignation as JLAC Vice Chairperson and Rarieda legislator.

“Raila listened to the audio and called Otiende and Orengo for a meeting on Monday. Orengo went but Otiende refused, only to text Raila that his stand is unchanged,” Mbadi is quoted by The Star.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo during a JLAC session.
Otiende Amollo during a past JLAC session. The lawmaker was de-whipped from the committee for what ODM party chairman John Mbadi termed as sending an offensive text message to the party leader. PHOTO/COURTESY

Amollo has dared Mbadi to expose the alleged message to the party leader while accusing a section of ODM leaders of scheming for their selfish ambitions under the pretext of pursuing the BBI goal.

“On our side there are also people who are now focused only on the BBI and handshake and benefits they get in these circumstances of cooperation and have lost sight of our goal in terms of Raila Odinga becoming president,” he said.

Below is the video courtesy of Citizen TV.

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