ODM Party leader Raila Odinga has come out to slam the clashes and unrest witnessed during the Bonchari by-election.

The May 18 by-election was marred by voter bribery allegations and use of excessive police force which caught the attention of the former prime minister who could not resist the urge to voice his displeasure.

“What we have witnessed in the by-elections in Bonchari and Juja is an abuse of police powers and an arrogant display of impunity by a few overzealous and bellicose government functionaries,” said the 78-year-old.

Earlier on the election day, police officers took into custody several UDA and ODM agents in Bonchari, with the party officials accusing the law enforcers of frustrating and orchestrating election irregularities.

ODM’s Pavel Oimeke clinched the Bonchari Parliamentary seat after garnering 9,049 votes defeating Jubilee’s Zebedeo Opore who got 7,279 votes while UDA’s Teresa Bitutu, the widow of former MP Oroo Oyioka came third with 6,964 votes.

Raila took the opportunity to warn key elements in the government against taking advantage of the handshake

Elsewhere, UDA’s Francis Muraya garnered 4,303 votes to clinch the Rurii county assembly seat, trouncing Jubilee’s Peter Thinji who got 3,143.

Deputy president William Ruto led the Hustler Movement in celebrating the victory while calling upon the electorates and leaders to embark on nation building.

“Hongera to our competitors, let’s keep it issue-based and pull together. Let us now focus on the Big 4 Agenda and economic recovery,” said the former Eldoret North MP.

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