ODM Party leader Raila Odinga on Saturday took his campaign trail to Gilgil following an invitation from All Israel Churches of Kenya.

The former Prime Minister was the Chied Guest at this year’s National Conference which was hosted by the Gilgil churches.

The All Israel Churches of Kenya Archbishops endorsed Railas’ bid to run for president in the next year’s general elections.

“Our resolution as All Israel Churches of Kenya to back Raila Odinga for presidency has been done amongst all our churches in all thr 47 counties of Kenya. It is one that involved a lot of prayers. We believe God will see us through in 2022,” they said.

The endorsement comes roughly a week after Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit of the Anglican Churches barred politicians from taking to the pulpit.

Despite the endorsement, Raila is yet to announce his 2022 game plan and presidential candidacy officially.

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