ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has cautioned the country against centering the Bridging Bridges Initiative report on political position.

Taking to the podium at the Bomas of Kenya on Wednesday, the former Vice President was candid in his deliberation insisting the country must sink into meditation on what actually is the Kenyan.

“Let us not convert the BBI document to a political elite document. Everybody here is talking about sharing political seats. What about motivating the civil servant? What about motivating the teacher? What about motivating the private sector? We are beginning to fall in the same trap again by making it look like BBI is about sharing political positions. My understanding is that the BBI is bigger than sharing political positions,” he said.

Mudavadi highlighted the high unemployment in Kenya, a situation he argues has led to the vulnerability of the youth, most often being misused by the political class.

“So can we focus as Kenyans, let us get there and let us interrogate the economy. What is ailing us? The economy. What is ailing us? The economy. What is ailing us? The economy. Kenya is one of the few countries where you can call a public rally at Uhuru Park on a week day and it will be full because of unemployment. Let us do something about it. We have started. God bless Kenya,” he walked down the podium as the congregation burst into applause.

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