Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli has revealed that one of his two children had shaken off the novel coronavirus after using natural concoction.

The child had won the covid-19 battle and is now healthy doing his push-ups without any iota of doubt, Magufuli told the congregation during a Sunday church service.

Magufuli says the child was locked up in their room and used traditional home-made remedy of lemon and ginger and he is fully back to his optimal best.

Nina mtoto wangu alipata Corona, mtoto wa kuzaa mimi, amejifungia kwenye chumba akaanza kujitibu, akanywa malimau na tangawizi, amepona yuko mzima sasa anapiga push up,” he said.

Magufuli is adamant coronavirus is just like any other illness insisting he will not allow the disease that has upended the world to corner his country.

Hatuwezi kubali Corona itawale, Mungu wetu atatawala… tumekua na magonjwa kama ukimwi…, Tanzania’s head of state stayed put.

The Chama Cha Mapinduzi Party leader has largely been criticized for his ‘unique’ ways of dealing with the covid-19 pandemic.

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