Kenya has found a new partner in the fight against the deadly coronavirus that is threatening to bring the country and the entire world to its knees.

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma is aiding Kenya 100,000 medical masks, 20,000 test kits and 1000 protective suits.

Through his Jack Ma Foundation, the business mogul seeks to reach out to all African countries with the same gesture as the continent starts recording a rise in coronavirus infections.

Jack Ma
Billionaire Jack Ma seeks to get Africa ready for the fight against coronavirus. PHOTO/COURTESY

Via his Twitter account, the philanthropist underlined the need of Africa combating the virus before serious damage can be incurred, also promising to start working with the continent’s medical institutions to provide online training material for COVID-19.

“The world cannot afford the unthinkable consequences of a COVID-19 pandemic in Africa,” he tweeted.

Ma plans to ship the items to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, with the country’s award-wining Premier Abiy Ahmed tasked with overseeing the distribution of the supplies to other African countries.

Image result for abiy ahmed ethiopian prime minister
2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Now it is as if we were all living in the same forest on fire. As members of the global community, it will be irresponsible of us to sit on the fence, panic, ignore facts, or fail to act. We need to take action now,” he said.

Africa has so far confirmed more than 300 cases, Egypt being the hardest hit with 110 cases as Kenya comes in with three cases and three more suspected cases pending results.

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