The government has denied reports that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce spent over Ksh. 10 billion of tax payers’ money to come up with the report.

In an interview with Citizen TV’s Day Break Show on Thursday, the taskforce Joint Secretary Dr. Martin Kimani says the figures are hypothetical insisting the report did not cost more than a billion.

 “We did not have anywhere close to that amount of money (Ksh.10 billion). I do not think we even had close to 1% of that figure. That’s a figure that has just been thrown around the internet…it is not true. The figure was less than 1% of that Ksh.10 billion supposedly.”

Kimani says the taskforce did not even receive allowances from trhe government as they tried to get value for public money.

Dr. Kimani added that: “Like I have a salary from government, then you find a practice where I go somewhere to work and somebody gives me an allowance. So I, for instance, did not have any such allowance throughout the (BBI) process because we decided to do things differently.”

The remarks come a day after Thirdway Alliance party leader, Dr. Ekuru Aukot too to Twitter to rubbish report terming it a “collection of street talks tailor-made to create chaos by weakening constitutional institutions” and a “waste of billions of taxpayers’ money.”

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