The Third Way Alliance party has today re-launched their Punguza Mzigo Initiative after polishing their articles and sub sections months after it was turned away after massive campaigns for Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking during the relaunching this morning In Nairobi, the chairman Dr Ekuru Aukot said in a democratic country in Kenya, anyone is allowed to make any proposal irrespective of their tribes, believes and political affiliations.

Dr Aukot during a past interview PHOTO/COURTESY

Aukot says the main aim of his proposal for allowing or granting all Kenyans to have access of their public resources while at the same time aligning with the Constitution of Kenya.
“The Constitution of Kenya allows anyone to make proposals. You should not be stopped from making proposals……let the Kenyans have the choices if the proposals are good for them.”

He says as the proposals to amend the Consititution is meant at ensuring that the Law books works for all Kenyans irrespective of their place of origin. He adds that it is an aim of any government to better lives of their own Citizens by improving their economy and that is what the Third Way Alliance Party is proposing.

According to Dr Aukot the current Constitution is tuned in a manner that only a few benefits from it. “The more we postpone the betterment of lives of the 47 millions Kenyans, the more we confirm that the country does not belong to all of us in all measures.”
He adds that since Kenya got independence, the country has only succeeded in creating a few billionaires while many Kenyans are struggling to sustain their basic lives
“Our country has only succeeded in building a few billionaires especially in political class at the expense of ordinary maturity”.
This will be the second time the chairman is making his proposal to have the Constitution amended for the betterment of Citizens counter parting the BBI that has led to divisions among people in the country.
In the first phase, the bill was shut down after a failure to have a support from the appropriate counties to implement the bill. A few counties among them Uasin Gishu and Turkana are the only ones that gave a thumb up to pass the bill but due to lack of adequate quorum, it could not go through.
In different interviews Dr Aukot was quoted saying many MCAs of county assemblies had been bribed so to shut down the bill by some selfish leaders.
The forces and influence behind the BBI which has caused so much division in the political scenes saw Punguza Mzigo Initiative not receive support from county bosses , as some term it it was going to haunt them.

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