Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya pulled another surprise on Tuesday in what now seems like a ‘curse’ in the ministry with regards to the locust menace.

The CS issued a rallying call to Kenyans not to panic as the locusts were just in transit in the country and would leave in due time.

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Swarms of locusts continue terrorizing Kenya as the government grapples to contain the menace. PHOTO/COURTESY

Munya, however, pointed an accusing finger at Kenyans for pushing the locusts away whenever they landed in their area hence causing the rapid spread in the country that can now be traced to 17 counties.

 “Part of the problem of the spread was when the initial swarms came in the country and they were sprayed they split into small swarms and when the people spotted them they scared them hence splitting further and that is where you saw rapid spread into counties that would not be affected if it was handled differently,” the former Meru governor lashed.

CS Munya during a past press conference. PHOTO/COURTESY

Munya says the government has set aside another KES 300 million in the fight against desert locust in the country bringing the total amount to KES 530 million.

The CS is on record for having claimed that the locusts, tallow in colour ware of age and would die in due course and the country would be free from the menace, his sentiments coming a few weeks after his predecessor Mwangi Kiunjuri requested Kenyans to take pictures of the locusts and send them to the ministry to help in the fight.

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Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri. PHOTO/COURTESY

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