Ordinarily, when the word hoe is mentioned, it raises more than a few eyebrows with many running to confirm the context.

And this can even raise eyebrows, anxiety, and extra questions when the word is connected with the government, more so as a government project.

However, the government of Uganda has always caused a stir online, with its continued efforts of seeking supplementary budgets to purchase hoes.

From 2017, the Yoweri Museveni regime has always sought a supplementary budget to acquire hoes and, 2018 and 2019 were even much profound when the government sought 80 billion shillings to acquire hoes for Ugandans. Yes, acquire hoes for Ugandans.

“The budget committee did not support the budget of 80 billion that had been requested for the procurement of hand hoes to be distributed in different communities. We are going to look into the matter and probably get a supplementary budget so that the country can get the hoes,” Solomon Silwany, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) parliamentary caucus chairman said in an interview with NTV Uganda.

The legislators wanted a fair distribution of hoes as promised by President Museveni in his campaigns.

Uganda President's Car Attacked, Damaged in Campaign | Voice of America - English
The legislators claimed President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in his 2016 presidential campaigns promised fair distribution of hoes. PHOTO/REUTERS

“These hoes were not properly distributed. These hoes were only distributed to the ministers, some of these ministers even don’t have constituencies. The way they were distributed was not fair. The government should purchase enough hoes and distribute them to our local people,” Paul Asaba, Kyaka North MP added.

But most Ugandans have always claimed, they have never lacked hoes.

Below is the link to the video courtesy of NTV Uganda.

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