An Ethiopian woman who is definitely up there in beauty ranks. PHOTO/COURTESY

Bordering Kenya to the North is Ethiopia, a country with semitic and Cushitic ethnic groups, led by a woman President (Beautiful too 😊).

Ethiopian women are undebatable the most beautiful women in the women this is a report by the FISI MEN SURVEY. Looked at from a far, one can think it’s a Hindu woman because of their light complexion and smooth natural long hair, that aside, their intriguing faces and figure ya chupa will definitely make you turn back and stare, leave alone their infectious smile.

A photo of Ethiopian women oozing beauty. PHOTO/COURTESY

Just why are they different from other African women? Some say this resulted because of them mixing and intermarrying with Yemeni people, However, Approximately 40% of their autosomal ancestry are of Caucasian origin.

This article doesn’t mean that other African Women are not good looking, you’re all beautiful but Ethiopian Women, I rank them first.

~The author is widely exposed to different types of women having attended countless beauty competitions in and outside Kenya.

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