President Uhuru Kenyatta has extended the night time curfew for the next 21 more days saying it is our response that has determined the extension.
Addressing the nation on Saturday at the State House, President Kenyatta has also extende the ban on movement in and out of Kilifi, Kwale,Mombasa and Nairobi for other 21 days.
“The cessation of movement into and out of the Nairobi Metropolitan area and the counties of Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa that are currently in force shall be extended for a further containment period of 21 days,” he said.
Kenyatta has reiterated that it is the responsibility of everyone to prevent this virus adding on that if the situation will fore, the governmentbwill impose more restritions.
“Basing on our response to this restriction, we will react. We dont want to impose more restrictions,but if it is amazed we impose them, we will not hesitate.”
The total number of infected people has been soaring high every day, the tally standing at 343 after seven new cases were confirmed today on April 25.

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