La creme de la crème of university education in the world have picked four Kenyan girls to join the ranks of the best and brightest from all over the world on their campuses this summer.

These celebrated girls are Sandra Mwangi, Victoria Kipngetich, Amy Miguna and Awour Onguru.

The highly coveted university admission letters from schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Caltech, and Williams are part of the pile of acceptance letters these girls have received.

Admissions into these universities are very competitive with an admit rate of 4.5% to 11%. They also admit students who possess strong personal qualities and character that will educate and inspire others.

These brilliant young ladies have carved their names in the annals of exemplary young Kenyan women who have scaled the challenging admission process and proven they belong in the Ivy League of Universities.

Sandra from a public school, an alum of Alliance Girls High School, Victoria, a final year student at Brookhouse International Schools; Amy, final year at St Andrews, Turi; and Awour, a senior at ISK.

Regardless of their different schools and curriculum, these girls have one thing in common: they had scores in the SAT (university admission exams) among the top 1% out of 2.2 million test takers globally in 2019.

Sandra scored an A in the 2019 KCSE exams. She is now admitted into 5 Ivy League schools including Harvard University (the oldest university in the USA) with an admission rate of 4.92%, Princeton University (the number 1 ranked university in the USA for the past decade), Yale University, Cornell University, and Columbia university, as well as, California institute of Technology (CALTECH).

Her dream is to become a civil engineer who will pave the way for a new method of maximizing the use of space in Africa and building sustainable cities on the continent. In addition, she received scholarship from all the schools.

Victoria is an aspiring economist and enterprising young woman. Her future aspiration is already heralded by her exceptional performance in her IGSCE exams- 9 A stars and 3 As in her GCE AS level exams.

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