Justin Muturi, the speaker of the National Assembly, in his World Press Freedom Day speech, called on media houses to well pay their staff to achieve the required levels of integrity and professionalism.

The former magistrate drummed up support for better pay for journalists, citing concerns about the quality of life led by most members of the fourth estate.

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The Media Council of Kenya held an event at Serena Hotel in Nairobi on Monday 3, 2021 to mark the World Press Freedom Day. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Media owners, pay your reporters well then you will have a right to demand integrity from them,” said the Chief Guest at the Media Council of Kenya event at Serena Hotel in Nairobi.

Seasoned journalist John Mondoh also weighed in on the debate, describing a poorly paid journalist as vulnerable.

“Economic/financial liberation of scribes by media owners is a step towards the attainment of Press Freedom. They should balance between making profits and journalists’ welfare. A starving scribe is more vulnerable to violators of Press Freedom,” Mondoh said in a Tweet.

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Seasoned journalist John Mondoh describes a poorly paid journalist as vulnerable. PHOTO/COURTESY

Royal Media Services Director of Strategy & Innovation Linus Kaikai has however come out to rubbish the claims noting that integrity is a key attribute of a journalist in his line of duty, pay not withstanding.

“Corruption has nothing to do with how much one earns. It is a question of personal integrity. The Kenyan reality is that corruption is perpetuated by the best paid and most privileged,” argued Kaikai.

Interview with NTV's Linus Kaikai - Naivasha, 20 January 2… | Flickr
RMS Director of Strategy & Innovation Linus Kaikai (R) shakes hands with Rwanda President Paul Kagame. PHOTO/COURTESY

Applauding the effort by the press in demanding accountability in society especially from those in public office, the 65-year-old singled out Citizen TV’s investigative reporter Purity Mwambia for he investigative piece ‘Silaha Mitaani’ the elicited a lot of reactions from the general public and authorities alike.

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