There is a looming disputes arising between the national and county government, after governors have come out to refutes plan by the national government to cut down money send to counties.
Governors have opposed the structures of national government to reduce money allocated to their counties, in a move to cushion the counties of the economic impact of the ongoing coronavirus disease.
Led by their chairman Wycliffe Oparanya, they have decried that the reduction will have adverse effects in their regional government, putting in mind that major part of their funds has been used to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.
Speaking in Kakakamega CoG Oparanya said many projects in counties has been suspend, adding on that the plans by the national government will further send them in crisis.
The meeting brought together leaders from Western conversing on what they can do to prevent the spread on coronavirus disease.
“This issue of reduction of revenue to county government should be stopped and the president should not agree to this proposal by the treasury”.

In February, proposals in The Division of Revenue Bill 2020 proposed to allocate counties Sh369.8 billion being less by 6.8 billions in the new financial year noting the reduction was due to decrease in donor-funded additional allocations.

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