More than 200 youths in Trans Nzoia county today, held a demonstration in the outstreets of Kitale, crying for payment of their money worth millions for the work they did last year.

Youths during the Interview in Kitale/Photo Courtesy

They were to be paid sh. 27 000 each for they work done digital entry of birth and death data but despite finishing their work, they are yet to be paid from October last year. The debt the county owes them, amounts to sh. 5.9 millions this being in addition to the sh. 1 200 they were to be given for undertaking training aside from the basic salary.

Their grievances comes even after the president Kenyatta, during the new year eve message, ordered all the county government to clear all the pending bills.

Wafula during an interview, Photo Courtesy/

Isaac Wafula , one of the youth during an interview said, they used a lot of expenses starting from rentals and transport. “We used a lot of money to rent houses, pay all daily food expenses as well as transport, and yet all that money we are yet to receive.”

Despite promises of being paid their dues before end of December 2019, they are yet to get any positive answer from the respective offices, their grievances have landed on dead ears, “We were just told they are processing, to get our dues by December, but upon asking our money in December, they told also they have no idea why the delay.”

They are now calling for the relative bodies in charge of county workers to chip in and help them get their salaries, “Assist us in this process of getting our dues keeping in mind the resources we have used to do the work.”

This is an add on to the disappointment to the unemployed youth who are struggling, doing whatever within their capability to bring food on the table.

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