The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) secretariat has distanced itself from the Babu Owino shooting incident at Nairobi’s popular entertainment joint that left the victim hospitalized.

In a statement by Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, ODM says the legislator should carry his own cross as they are only concerned about the victim, DJ Evolve who is currently recuperating at Nairobi hospital.

DJ Evolve is his hospital bed at Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Matters of alleged criminal conduct are beyond the realm of a political party. The law enforcement agencies are in charge. The ODM party is subordinate to the law of the land. Our concern at the moment is with the victim of this extremely unfortunate incident,” the statement reads in part.

Babu who enjoys a close relationship with ODM leader Raila Odinga is not new to controversy, often in and out of police custody, receiving support from ODM, but the latest saga seems to have left him lonely and deserted.

Image result for raila odinga babu owino
Babu Owino enjoys a close relationship with ODM party leader Raila Odinga. PHOTO/COURTESY

His lawyer however claims Babu was approached by an aggressive crowd which is what led to the shooting, even as CCTV footage from the club showed otherwise.

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