Famous Churchill show comedian Mulamwah has called it a quit to entertainment industry after going through Cyber bullying and depression.

In a post posted on his Twitter handle, David Oyando alias Mulamwah said that he has been going through stress for being trolled online, an incident that even caused death of his there months baby.

In a video circulating online, Mulamwah is as well seen burning his famous shirt that he uses in all performances, a signal that he is ending his entertainment career.

Last week he released a song titled ‘Dear Upcoming’, highlighting how those young people in the industry are mistreated by big fishes in the industry as well as criticising them for stealing his jokes

Mulamwah became famous and common in the eyes of comedy fans after being featured on the Churchill show, a platform that has seen him receive different gigs and offers.

Many celebrities goes through Cyber bullying online with the recent being a famous TV anchor, situation that causes them to go through depression and even commiting suicide.

Apart from comedy, Oyando is a certified degree holder in Nursing from Moi University.
Statistics done world wide indicates that celebrities are one of the main people are going through depression due to being bullied online.

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