Switch TV has yet again sent packing eight employees, just months after it sacked almost 30 employees.

The Kenya Red Cross-owned outlet has been struggling with financial crunches barely a year after it hit the media market and has all but confimed to eight employees that thier contracts will noe be renewed beyond 31st December 2019.

Chief Operations Officer Joanna Gommans, Managing Editor Lenny Ruvaga and News video editor Joseph J. Oriaro are a few of the high profile exits from the television station located in Nairobi’s South C Estate.

Tamima Ibrahim who is the head of content, is among those who have survived the December 31st axe, even as the emlpoyees hold on for their November salaries yet to be remitted.

According to a source privy to Kenyan Breaking KE contracts of all the employees contracts come to an end on 31st December 2019, with a majority ‘holding their hearts in their hands’.

A sacking wave has hit most media houses in the country, Qwetu Radio closing shop rendering the entire group jobless, except for a handful who were absorbed by Trace FM, Mediamax firing over 150 employees, Royal Media Services, Radio Africa and all rumoured to be in the process of cutting the ballooning wage bill.

Most media houses attribute this to the fall in advertising revenue especially from the government and betting firms.

The Media Council of Kenya Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Programmes Manager Victor Bwire thinks otherwise.

“The job losses in media houses in Kenya are not solely because of fall in revenues. The looting, corruption, and revenue leakages occasioned by management is sickening. Corporate Governance in media enterprises is wanting. Commercial departments involved in corruption, suspected sponsorships and partnership deals including advertising and sponsored content. The HR department; ghost workers, falsified payrolls,” argues Bwire on his Facebook account.

Here is a full list of employees to be laid off by Switch TV by end of december 2019

1. Joanna Gommans-Chief Operations Officer

2. Lenny Ruvaga- Managing Editor

3. Lola Nanjala-TV Producer

4. Joy Wanambisi-Digital/ Social media

5. Kevin Sewe- News Reporter

6. Joseph J. Oriaro- News Video Editor

7. Raul Mkoto- Technical Producer

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