Genge tone aces Ethic are back yet with another scandal involving an high-rising group dubbed Sotic gang who are accusing them of stealing their song.

After dropping Soko which seems to be doing quite well on YouTube; word has it that the song was originally recorded and produced by Sotic Gang who prove that Ethic almost borrowed everything from their song Isseti.

Gengetone newbies Sotic Gang.

The boys claim that Ethic did no just take the lyrics out of Isetti but used the same style used by the high-rising gengetone newbies.

Sotic is now asking for Justice to be served since upcoming artists are being exploited by other other artists since they have no connection to entertainment industry.

Sotic Gang is comprised of four artists who joined hands from their boyhood in school.

Gengetone crew Ethic Entertainment Photo/Courtesy

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