In his address during the launch of the popular Arusha Declaration on February 5, 1967, then Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere laid the footprint for the onslaught on the pernicious colonial masters.

Mwalimu outlined the principles of Ujamaa which he called African Socialism; principles that were to guide the economy of the newly independent nation rooted in the concept of self-reliance.

He used the podium to deconstruct the popular belief that no money no development and instead championed the need for collective effort in attaining national goals while restoring the value of the salary. That was in 1967.

Arusha Declaration Monument.jpg
The Arusha Declaration Monument. PHOTO/COURTESY

Fast forward 2020 and in a country called Kenya, the subtle nature of the political class is a direct contrast of what Mwalimu stood for and any Pan-Africanist should be reeling from the effects of recurrent melancholy.

A country where over 100,000 people displaced by floods and over 200 dead and in the middle of a coronavirus scourge that has upended the world; Kenya’s youngest president ever ‘Kamwana‘ convenes a political meeting to deliberate on 2022 politics.

Of course the President is a politician and the leader of the largest party in the country, but this is not the time. The timing is wrong and ill-advised.

In such a time, when Kenyans seem to be at his mercy and looking up to him for direction, political moves and coalitions are just not the best.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is interviewed
President Uhuru Kenyatta is making massive political statements amind the covid-19 pandemic. PHOTO/COURTESY

Wisdom is suspending them at least until the covid-19 pandemic is contained. Mind you, if we formed these coalitions and the pandemic wipes out the entire human race, who votes now? For whom will the coalitions be?

With the tranquillity enjoyed at such an ungodly hour, Mwalimu who would have been a centenarian in 2022, would have understood if you climbed high on Mt. Kilimanjaro and shouted: HERI KUWA MBWA ULAYA KULIKO KUWA MWANA WA TAIFA.

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