Nurses, clinical officers have warned going for a strike starting this week April 29, for what they term as discrimination by the national government in fight against Covid-19.

The health officers are lamenting of being tamed aside by the health ministry in planning structures of fighting the pandemic only involving doctors.

The secretary general of Kenya National Union of Nurses Seth Panyako has said that he will be leading the heads of the discriminated department, in holding a national strike after the seven days ultimatum ends on Wednesday next week.
“So your excellency, the president of republic of Kenya, we respect you, we are supporting what you are doing but if you will not direct the ministry of health to engage this health workers, we shall be issuing a national strike and we shall not look back.”
Panyako reiterated that they did not just school to waste time but they have everything that is crucial to offer to the public.
He has however, added that they are ready to have a meeting with the government to prevent the strike saying if it happens, it will cripple down the health ministry in fight against coronavirus disease.
The health workers have also lamented of being neglected in governance of the health sectors saying major positions are occupied by doctors. According to the clinical officers, more than 200 doctors among them the Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi have been promoted recently leaving the other sectors in dim light.

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