Police in Uganda are holding a 21-year old man for torching down three churches in Kina Municipality.

The suspect John Ngobi presented himself to Kira Division police on Monday morning armed with three brand-new knives, arrested and detained for arson.

According to Citizen Digital, the suspect is said to have taken the step after remaining poor despite the churches preaching prosperity gospel.

“I burnt these churches because of anger arising from the fact that these churches preach about prosperity but I have remained poor all throughout,” he is quoted saying.

Man sets three churches on fire, says he is still broke despite church preaching prosperity
John Ngubi who is accused of burning down three churches in Kira, Uganda. PHOTO/COURTESY

The leaders in his local village of Kosokoso, Kira Municipality insist the suspect is a repeat offender who is capable of doing anything.

“The poverty situation motivated me to buy two litres of Petrol and one of Paraffin, which I used to burn these respective churches,” Ngobi revealed during interrogation by police.

The loss caused by the fire is valued at KES 41,318.

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