Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has threatened to sue King Kaka over defamation claims in his lates single Wajinga Nyinyi.

The song that was released on the 14th Of December has been hitting the airwaves since its release and has over one million views on Youtube.

Wajinga Nyinyi is a song that talks about how government institutes are corrupt and how Kenyans keep ignoring such vices.

The song has had a good welcome and even some politicians have welcomed the song applauding the piece of art that was used in writing the song.

Well, for Kirinyaga Governor, she did not find the song pleasing to her ears as she claims that King has defamed her in the song calling her a corrupt person with no proof.

This has made her threaten to take legal action within 48 hours unless the rapper apologises and retracts his statements in the song.

The Kiragu Wathuta and Company Advocates have drafted a letter to the rapper and media houses and has asked King Kaka to react to it aa soon as possible.

Check out the contents of the letter:

This move has made KOT very angry online. Check out their reactions:

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