Kenyan elite runner Asbel Kiprop says he is ready to come out and rewrite history in a bid to leave a positive legacy.

Back in April 2019, the year proved to be tough for the 2008 Olympic 1,500 meter champion after being been handed a four-year ban  by the Athletics Integrity Unit’s panel for testing positive for EPO in an out-of-competition test in Kenya on November 2017.

The announcement worked down Kiprop driving him to depression and stress.

Opening up today on one of the TV shows dubbed “UnscriptedWithGrace” Kiprop came out to recount the times stating how the experience was tough for himself and family members.

“When this happened I developed stress and became a drunkard.

“My own wife didn’t understand what was happening. It affected my marriage and my wife left.” Stated Kiprop during the show by Grace Msalame.

The athelete who had been vocal advocating for clean run campaign could not come to terms with the results which tarnished his name.

Kiprop during a past event photo courtesy

The irregularities that mapped the results used to ban him from the sport gave the athlete a pole to lean on as he sought for advice from colleagues at the police force as well as all who proved to be friends at that time.

Appearing on the show, the 29year old looked rejuvenated and ready to soar to greater heights.

NTV Kenya@ntvkenya·2hI learnt that whenever you are hit by a storm, you need to stay firm and stand your ground especially when you know you are right. ~ Asbel Kiprop #UnscriptedWithGrace

The Olympic champion thanked everyone who stood with him and promised to come back stronger and ready for a new legacy.

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