Police in Kirinyaga County have launched an investigation in an alleged murder with violence incident that happened in Mutira MCA Kinyua Wangui’s compound, a key champion in Governor Waiguru impeachment motion.
Last night, unknown armed gangsters invaded Wangui’s compound in Kirinyaga Central, setting part of his compound on fire, that was later on put under control after early recognition.
Wangui said the gangs who had petrol set part of his stores on fire, before the compound guard raised an alarm waking up families and neighbours at around 1am to come for rescue.
“At around 1am, our compound was invaded by hooligans who had petrol, with the aim of burning our properties but they started from where there is stores for animal products. After that police officers came and have sealed the area as a scene of crime.”
This incident is happening days after two Members of the County Assembly reported their life being threatened, for nosing around with the governance of Anne Waiguru.
On April 07, the High Court suspended temporarily the proceedings to impeach Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Mumbi, on the basis that Covid-19 infections will deny her Consitutional Rights to follow the hearing sessions.
Judge Weldon Korir while giving the ruling said that the current pandemic of Coronavirus disease, will alter the Consititutional rights of the two parties to follow the impeachment process as per the regulations.
In the impeachment that was tabled in the assembley on Wednesday April 1st, Waiguru is accused of misusing her public office power, unconsititutional awarding of tenders and procuments among other allegations.
The wrangles entangling the county has seen the two parties involve the intervention of their national administration, Jubilee Party, so as to come to a consensus.

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