Jua Kali artisans in the country are a smiling lot after the government tasked them with 100,000 doors and 120,000 windows for the housing projct.

The 3-billion-shilling deal which aims at benefiting Starehe and Shauri Moyo estates in Nairobi County by raising the quality of shelters in the areas as part of the governments Big Four agenda.

to produce doors and windows for Nairobi’s Starehe and Shauri Moyo estates.

Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga said that the Ministry has ring-fenced some components used in construction of homes to ensure that the Jua Kali sector can supply inputs to the Program.

“The Jua Kali Sector is a big contributor to employment in the country and a key enabler of the manufacturing sector. We are keen to up-skill them to enable them to contribute to this national development project while supporting their growth,” said Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga.

The ministry has called on players in the informal sector to form associations and register to provide construction components and materials for the Affordable Housing Programme.

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