Gospel musician Daddy Owen has opened up on how he lost his eye following his life in crime that proceeded his ministry.

Speaking on Churchill Show, Owen who has over 12 years in the gospel music scene revealed how he was served a life-ending beating by an irate crowd that led to the loss of his eye and a turnaround in his life.

Daddy Owen in an interview with Churchill show host Daniel Ndambuki. PHOTO/SCREENGRAB/NTV

“It was there at Impala Grounds (Ngong Road). There are some maps you don’t master well. We hijacked a matatu thinking it plied the Ngong road route. So when my squad noticed it was for South B they alighted, but I did not realize they had alighted because I was sitting at the back while they were on the front seats,” he told Churchill Show host Daniel Ndambuki.

The singer added:

“I started shouting hoping they will back me up to whack the plan only to find I was alone. I thrust out from the matatu at around Bomb Blast. I was served mob injustice, there is no justice there. I was terribly beaten. I knew I was gone, because almost all objects were used on me. That is where I lost my eye.”

Daddy Owen recounts how he lost his eye in a near death experience. PHOTO/SCREENGRAB/NTV

Owen also remembers the traumatizing life that he led, seeing his ‘colleagues’ wiped off the face of the earth right before his eyes but could do nothing to help.

“There are those turnaround moments, you sit down and ask yourself, how did this happen? Why am I here? One that I can never forget is that we were in Umoja Innercore, then one of us was caught, just before I lost my eye. He was burnt by drips on hot melting nylon. The weird part was I am in the crows, we’ve gathered there. We see what is happening but I cannot help you though you are my friend,” he says.

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