Recent statistics from the World Health Organization is showing major steps in combatting Corona virus disease even as other countries are coping up with the situation gradually.

The number of people recovering is increasing everyday, today’s toll standing at 332 800 which is an increment from the 309 319 cases that were confirmed on Wednesday, April 08.

In Kenya, five new cases has been confirmed adding to a total of 184 with one more death being reported.

In the source country China, normal activities are resuming as the Chinese Airport Authority has announced that 40 % of airplanes have resumed their travels within the same country in the South and Western part of the nation which is more industrialized.

The publication shows that more than 1 500 travels have been arranged within this April month to help workers resume to their places of work, with no international flights due to ban imposed by many countries.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the total cases of infections comfirmed are more than 1.5 million, with more than 90 000 patients having confirmed dead.
USA is still leading in the number of infections with 435 160 patients followed by Spain and Italy having recorded 148 220 and 139 422 cases respectively.
However, Italy is topping world wide in the number of death with toll standing at 17 669 followed by Spain at 14 792 with no new deaths being confirmed in the past 48 hours.
China, where the Coronavirus disease started from has 81 865 infections with only two deaths and 63 new infections being confirmed recently.
In Africa, South Africa is leading with the confirmed cases being 1, 845 with 18 deaths, Algeria has leading number of deaths standing at 205 with 1, 572 Covid-19 cases followed by Egypt which has recorded 1,560 infections, 103 deaths with none of the three countries recording new infections.

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