The committee tasked with fine tuning the BBI report today started its meeting officially of receiving ideas and suggestions from various insititutions, individuals and non governmental organization.

This becomes the first meeting since their term was extended by the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta after launcing the BBI report.
The team led by Wajir Senator Yussuf Haji is expected to give a final report containg the articles to added or removed, suggestions as well as the strategy of implentint the report.
While presenting their suggestions, the National Cohesion and Intergration Commission NCIC has requested to be given authority to directly prosecute those spreading hatred speeches or content that could erupt wars and conflicts.

Hassan Sheikh mohammed who is the Secretary of the commission said that their commission is aimed at strengthening their efforts as they work together in supporting the implementation of the report.
”Therefore our approach now is strengthening our cooperatives, organized groups, markets and Saccos so that they can be able to access their markets directly.”.

On the part of the Vice chairperson of the commission Irene Njeri Wanyoike, asked the BBI committee to take into consideration of the suggestion they give to help them realize their targets and roles as a commission.
“I wish to suggest that when you go back and sent the suggestion, will appreciate if you can give us specific recommendations on how to implement, realize certain suggestions that are in the report…..”

The Haji led committee kick starts their meeting at moment when their is a heated debate among the publics and politicians concerning the implementation of the report.
Rallies have been held in different part of the country about the same and even other people have been arrested, harrased for what is termed as ‘opposing a government project”.
Video Courtesy of Citizen Tv

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