Floods are continuing to raze many parts of the country leaving many homeless as well as properties destroyed, the total tolling up to more than 40 000 people.
In Ahero, Kisumu County more than 32 000 persons have been left homeless after R. Nyando and Luanda bursted its banks displasing many residents as well as destroying properties rendering people in poverty.
In the past three days, the Nyanza region has been experiencing heavy rains causing Lake Victoria to burst causing more menace.
The County governor Anyang’ Nyong’o has said this is most tring time in the independence history of the county, adding on that he has instructed his county commissioner to evaluate the number of affected so as to know how to help them sustain their life.
The residents are now asking the government to act urgently to evacutae them to avodi contracting water borne disease at the same fighting the spread of Coronavirus disease.
The main hit areas are Nyando Sub county and also parts of Muhoroni.
In Chesogon areas on the border of West Pokot ande Elgeyo Marakwet at least 4 000 have been displaced with more than 15 dead and others missing.
Budalang’i which has been experiencing floods for decades is also in the same menace as 1000 people are homeless after lanslides erazed the areas.
The Kenya Meteorological department has warned that heavy rains is expected in the future days with counties of Garissa, Lamu and Tana River being the hot spots.

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