Five people have died after a motorboat they were using to roam in River Nzoia capsized.

According to a report by Citizen Digital, the five were among the nine men who were on the boat hired from Budalng’i to look for the body of a person who had previously drained in the flooded river.

Witness statements indicate that the motorboat capsized after suffering engine failure around Sango-Umala area in Ugunja, Siaya county.

The coxswain along with other three people reportedly managed to swim their way before being rescued as the five succumbed to the charging waters of the flooded river.

Siaya Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Sawe, while confirming the unfortunate incident says the search for the bodies of the victims has been launched as the fate of the body of the man who had earlier drained in the same river remains unknown.

He has however cautioned people living along the banks of River Nzoia to exercise high levels of care owing to the flooded and overflowing situation of the river.

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