A first case of a health officer testing positive of Covid-19 has been confirmed in Kenya, a officer based in Ngara, Nairobi who has been attending to patients infected with the Corona Virus.
The female officer who treated a patient who was later diagnosed with Covid-19 is among the nine people, that were confirmed today on Tuesday, adding to total number of 59 patients who has been tested positive.
She has now been admitted with her husband who also tested positive at the Kenyatta National Hospital Mbagathi IDU, as the family members including their children and househelp are evacuated for isolation and testing.
Speaking to the press, the Secretary General of Clinical Union George Gibore , has ordered the close down of the Ngara dispensary health centre as all the health officer are set in a quarantine waiting for testing.
“The clinical officer has been performing her duty in the outpatients and special clinic in her area of duty, you can all understand the anguish she is going through knowing she may have infected her family members and other members that she serves”.
The Union has also lamented of the risk their members are at, for lacking the necessary equipment to keep themselves safe as they serve the patients.
“We want to categorically say state that our position as health workers is that we are read and shall sacrifice bu we will not commit suicide,we shall not serve patients without protection”.

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