The National Government has set up more strategies to help protect our health workers, cushion the vulnerables and disadavnatged members of the society at this hard moments when the country is facing the Covid 19 pandemic.
While addressing the nation on Thursday evening, President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the Public Service Commission in conjuction with the Ministry of Health, to ensure more money is set aside to comfort health workers handling the pandemic.
Kenyatta also gave the board in charge of suppying medicine and equiment KEMRI to give a three months waive to all counties when procuring medical equipments.
And to help counties in maintaining their economy and sustaining its residents, Ksh. 5 billions has been sent to all counties to help buy necessities for the needy members of the society.
“The National Government will also support the counties in response to this Coronavirus disease, with an additional Ksh 5 billions to supplement the savings the county has generated. This money will be devoted specifically to cushion the most vulnerable people and to protect our health care workers .”
President Kenyatta also said that the national government has released more Ksh 8.5 billions, money intented to cushion the elderly and people with disabilities country wide.
“My administration has also released Ksh 8.5 billions to elders and vulnerable individuals under the Cash Transfer Programme through the Ministry of Labour for the months ahead, in addition Ksh 500 millions which were in arrears has also been released to persons with severe disabilities

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