The county government of Nakuru has impacted on refurbishing and building new mortuaries in hospital with the aim of delivering better services to its residents.

It this financial year, sh. 6.6 billions was set aside to rebuild the preservation houses in four hospitals among them Nakuru Level 5, Naivasha sub county, Molo and Elburgon sub county centres.

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Nakuru Level 5 hospital is one those refurbished. PHOTO/COURTESY

The officer in charge of health in the county Mr Samuel King’ori during an interview said the process is aimed at reducing congestion and provide better sevices. “Mortuaries in various public hospitals have for long been neglected. We want to improve the body preservation and give better services”.

Already sh. 35 millions is being used to refurbish Naivasha sub county hospital mortuaries which is expected to carry up to 113 bodies.

Nakuru county Health CEC Samuel King’ori. PHOTO/COURTESY

King’ori says they are planning to achieve this through establishment of modern mortuaries, expansion and furnishing them with cold rooms.

Statistics indicate that 77 bodies are yet to be identified and are set to be disposed as they dispose 25 bodies after every six months.

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