In a statement released on Thursday, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops urged priests to keep masses brief and encourage brethren to keep a distance of one meter from each other.

“Our churches are not closing…They will be the centre point of prayer, where you will find solace and strength from God,” the Bishops’ statement reads.

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A Catholic mass in progress. PHOTO/COURTESY

Priests have also been advised to give messages of hope and encouragement during the masses and avoid statements that may create panic and anxiety among est believers.

The clergymen are also expected to avail themselves to congregants for Holy Communion outside Mass provided that it is done in church.

Celebration of mass in small Christian communities has been discouraged and those number of participants taking part in funerals, weddings and Way of the Cross is to be limited as per government directive on large gatherings.

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A photo of an empty church. PHOTO/COURTESY

All Saints Cathedral also suspended all Sunday church services and cancelled meetings that were to be held at the premises.

The Anglican church also asked couples that had planned weddings for the next four weeks to consider cancelling the nuptials.

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