Budalang’i Member of Parliament Raphael Wanjala has decried the situation in his constituency as the heavy rains continue wreaking havoc in the area.

Wanjala who spoke to Kenyan Breaking on phone termed the situation as ‘bad’, asking for humanitarian support for the overwhelmed constituents.

Budalang’i MP Raphael Wanjala has called for humanitarian support for the flood victims. PHOTO/COURTESY

“The situation is so bad in Budalang’i, the dyke broke and it let in a lot of water. We have a complex of a problem at the moment. We need assistance from all corners,” he narrated.

Thousands have been ejected from their homes some opting to move to higher places, others remaining defiantly put as the muddy waters of the fiery River Nzoia guzzle the terrain; the lawmaker laying blame on the contractor, whom he terms as sluggish.

“The problem we are facing in Budalang’i is that we have had backflow from Lake Victoria since last year and again we are having now floods from the heavy rains,” said the legislator.

Thousands have been displaced by the floods. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Our high ground are very far. Budalang’i is by large a low land. We might say move to higher ground but you see this person has a lot of belongings which moving them is another big problem. We have relocated them to schools that are not affected by floods.”

More than 116 people have died of floods countrywide in the past two weeks with more than half of the country affected.

“The countries that I have said are affected are up to 29 and those that have lost lives, we have had over 116 lives lost in floods, we have also had over 100,000 households displaced,” said Eugene Wamalwa, the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution.

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa says at least 116 persons have lost their lives so far. PHOTO/COURTESY

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