Central Organization of Trade Unions COTU, secretary General Francis Atwoli has lashed out at Safaricom CEO Mr. Peter Ndegwa for “infringing in the rights of workers who worked hard to build Safaricom.

Atwoli threatened to appeal to the stakeholders and the Board of directors to institute the removal of Mr Ndegwa. According to a press statement sent by unions secretary General.

According to Atwoli, Safaricom is planning to do away with some employees in its new restructured mode of management.

Safaricom reportedly asked most of its 6000 employees to reapply for their current jobs, a move Atwoli says is against the intenational labor organization conventions on job protection. Atwoli also faulted the giant telecommunications company for its refusal to Unionize its workers despite several attempts by COTU.

“it is insensitive and inhuman, for Mr Ndegwa to bring about drastic changes at Safaricom while infringing on the rights of workers who have built Safaricom to what it is today,” Atwoli said.

Memo from COTU secretary General

He also added that Mr. Ndegwa, who is the first Kenyan at the helm of Safaricom, is the most dangerous CEO of the company when it comes to protection of the rights of workers. Atwoli was recently re-elected unopposed for another 5 years at the helm of COTU. He has made a name for his fearlessness in protecting the rights of the workers both in and out of COTU.

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